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Global Parties Climate and Ecological Alliance is a nongovernmental and nonprofit international organization with a fixed conference date and a fixed domicile.

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Xi jinping awarded the medal to the President of  GPCEA Mushahid Hussain Sayed.

2013  Xi’an Conference

Promote Green Development,Build a Beautiful Asia Together.

The Xi’an Conference noted with satisfaction the recent launch of the “Global Political Parties Climate & Ecological Alliance”, comprising ICAPP, CAPDI, COPPPAL and IESCO, as a broadbased “united front” aimed at galvanizing political parties and civil society in a coordinated quest to combat climate change.
We note with delight that during the 13 years since its creation, ICAPP has served as an important platform for strengthening exchanges and cooperation among Asian political parties, with increasing influence in the region and beyond, contributing to peace and development in Asia. In the context of dynamic development and cooperation in Asia, more space can be expected for party-to-party cooperation. 

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2016.05,Xi jinping awarded the medal to the President of GPCEA Mushahid Hussain Sayed.

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A Community of Shared Future for Mankind
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